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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, bring others along.”


Kaption Audio's successful journey as a company is a direct result of the relationships we've formed over the years with customers and dealers. We reached out recently to one of those dealers we've known from the early days, Powered-Up Audio in Owen Sound, Ontario and had a quick Q&A session with one of their talented installers, Matt...


KA: Do you remember your first install?

Matt: Sure. I was 15 years old and it was my brother’s car. It was the sport of it all, the competitions and the demos that drew me to the scene

 powered up

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Ryan Schmidt isn't just your everyday Charlie Hunnam lookalike. He's probably one of the most passionate people we've come across in the mod car scene. We asked him a few questions to see what keeps him motivated, his philosophy and his plans for the future.


Where are you from?

 I am from Durham region. Pickering to be more exact.


What’s your motivation when it comes to upgrading and improving your setup and sound?

 My motivation started when I was younger. My dad had his pride and joy home stereo that is still kicking to this day: Good old Cerwin Vegas. That got me started on loud music ever since I could remember. Then growing up I stumbled upon Steve Meade on YouTube which got me hooked on bass.


ryan kaption


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@shuttlesworth416 is in orbit as far as creativity goes. His one-of-a-kind Mitshubishi Eclipse was impossible to miss this season but throw in an epic summer time video, worthy of codeine-fueled rapper, Future, shot in downtown Toronto and you have the makings of a streetcar icon.

After taking in the sleek visuals of the video we decided to give this rising star a shout and see what drives his creativity.

Where are you from in Toronto?

Don mills area

How long have you been a car enthusiast and audiophile and where did that start?

 I've been a car enthusiast for about 3 years and audiophile for as long as i can remember. It all started with my father wiring cars for audio or setting up his massive sound system in the house. It was always about the quality of the sound.

What do you bring that's different to the car scene?

 In the car scene I'm as different as can be im the only Mitsubishi Eclipse that competes on a high level at the bigger shows in Ontario. Usually when you go to any show theres always 2 or more of the same model car in the show but to be the one and only is a cool feeling and I think the scene respects my authenticity.

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Meet the team from East Hamilton Radio (EHR). We talked to Paul, from EHR as part of our monthly dealer feature for August.

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We came in to the 2016 Torque Modified Car show, optimistic (it's always a great show) but a little uncertain of what was going to be waiting for us at Garnett B. Rickard Arena in Bowmanville.

Once we got there though, Torque exceeded all of our lofty expectations from the 2015 edition. The turnout was great, the cars looked awesome and Team Kaption left with a decent share of the silverware. Scroll down for some snapshots from the weekend's action. 



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 "I really like the build quality. The side venting and high power handling makes it a unique woofer. It does a great job producing low frequencies, a common problem with shallow-mount woofers"

~ Paul, East Hamilton Radio


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Kevin and Chris won trophies recently in their respective categories sporting Kaption installs

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