August 2016: Who’s your dealer?


We talked to Paul McFarland from East Hamilton Radio as part of our monthly dealer feature. Paul tells us about how he got started and some tips about how to go about choosing the right shop to do your install.

East Hamilton Radio Team


Shop Name: East Hamilton Radio

Shop Location: 1325 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8H 2W2


Kaption Audio: How long have you been involved with car audio?

Paul: 20 years but the shop has been here for 85 years


Kaption Audio: How did you get into car audio?

Paul: It started as a hobby in college and eventually I caught the eye of a local shop called Gain Automotive and the rest is history.


Kaption Audio:  What do you love about building installs?

Paul: The fact that it’s my passion means I get to get do something I love every day, and get paid for doing it.


Kaption Audio: What kind of installs do you like to work on?

Paul: My favorite projects are when the customer doesn’t have many specifications and lets me be as creative as I want to be.


East Hamilton Radio Team install


Kaption Audio: What advice would you give to someone on how to choose an installer.

Paul: Shop around, get references. Not every shop is the same.


Kaption Audio: How has the industry changed since you started?

Paul: The new audiophile is someone committed to expressing his or her individuality.


Kaption Audio:  When did you first hear about Kaption?

Paul: I first came across Kaption Audio about 20 years ago. I had a pair of 6x9s


Kaption Audio: What do you think of the new flat woofer?

Paul:  It's very impressive. I really like the build quality. The side venting and high power handling makes it a unique woofer.

It does a great job producing low frequencies, a common problem with shallow-mount woofers


Kaption Audio: Are there any thought leaders in the industry that you look to for great info?

Paul: Yup. Bryan Schmitt and Steve Brown are really great guys to listen to.


Here's a great install done by Christian at East Hamltion Radio.

east hamilton install nissan 350z


nissan 350z install