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Where are you from in Toronto?

Don mills area

How long have you been a car enthusiast and audiophile and where did that start?

 I've been a car enthusiast for about 3 years and audiophile for as long as i can remember. It all started with my father wiring cars for audio or setting up his massive sound system in the house. It was always about the quality of the sound.


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What do you bring that's different to the car scene?

 In the car scene I'm as different as can be. I'm the only Mitsubishi Eclipse that competes on a high level at the bigger shows in Ontario. Usually when you go to any show theres always 2 or more of the same model car in the show but to be the one and only is a cool feeling and I think the scene respects my authenticity.

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When was your install done?

My install was done at the begining of the season before the fitted car show which was perfect timing to debut my 2016 interior makeover. 

What’s the most common question people ask about your setup and what do you tell them?

Most common question I'm asked by other enthusiasts is why did I do my audio and air setup in the back seat and not the trunk like everyone else. I simply reply

"I strive to be as different as possible, to stand out from the crowd that just copy what they've seen before. Im more of a trendsetter and originator thats just my style. Plus why hide all the goodies in the trunk when you can fold the top down and really show off your interior set up."

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What was your vision for your car audio install?

I wanted something that met both needs of quality sound and also looks good on a show level. Kaption Audio was my first choice with its sleek design and quality sound. Shout out to Grounded Conceptz for the crazy air and audio setup.


Impressive car video, what motivated you to shoot it?

I shot my movie because I wanted to put this car on the map and also pay tribute to Toronto and the best way to do that is throughYouTube.I have people from all over North America and even overseas that would send me DMs just giving me props on what I've built. For the video I just wanted to capture all the great spots in Toronto and really show all aspects of the car. Big thank you to Love Joy productions who shot and edited the movie.




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Which car shows did you go to this year?

This year I was all over Ontario taking part in big shows and even the local ones. The three biggest shows by far was Fitted, Ertefa and making Importfest for the very first time which was my goal when i first started building this car 3 years ago.


How did you find out about Kaption (and how's the sub performing so far?) – What’s your car audio setup consist of?

 I first found out about Kaption one year at Importfest. They had a joint booth with Grounded Conceptz. My setup consist of one 10" sub and two 2-way speakers all flush mounted in the hardwood. All summer its been bumping nice with the top down cruising down to Woodbine Beach.


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What do you like most about the modified car scene?

What I love most about the modified car scene is the creativity. To see someone take a stock car and put their own personal touches is amazing. I have nothing but respect for guys that build older cars like 2005 and older because it's much more than just buying parts and slapping them on. A lot more restoration goes in first before you begin to modify and you can take more pride in what you've built.


What's your plan for the future?

 My plan for the future is to just keep my followers on instagram guessing. Every year I come out bigger and better. No one can ever say - hey that eclipse is the same as last year and the year before that - I always do major makeovers on the car to stay current and killing the game.


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