Ryan Schmidt isn't just your everyday Charlie Hunnam lookalike. He's probably one of the most passionate people we've come across in the mod car scene. We asked him a few questions to see what keeps him motivated, his philosophy and his plans for the future.


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Where are you from?

I am from Durham region. Pickering to be exact. 


What’s your motivation when it comes to upgrading and improving your setup and sound?

 My motivation started when I was younger. My dad had his pride and joy home stereo that is still kicking to this day: Good old Cerwin Vegas. That got me started on loud music ever since I could remember. Then growing up I stumbled upon Steve Meade on YouTube which got me hooked on bass. 


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What car shows did you hit up this summer (and what awards did you win)?

 My significant other and I hit up a lot of local shows this summer. Some of the ones to list are FITTED, Canadian Automotive Expo, IMPORTFEST, Grassroots, Niagara Truck and Tuner and Torque Modified. I got some top in class along with best stance! 


How would you describe your style?

 My style is very "do what I want". I don't follow trends. I don't build for any other reason than for the love of it and what I want to see! 


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What advice would you give to anyone who is now starting out in the scene?

 Some advice I would give to the newcomers of the scene is to build for yourself. Express yourself through your car and have fun. Make lots of memories with some close friends! 


Who does your installs?

 I do all of my own installs. I'm a big believer of at least trying everything yourself unless it's way out of your league. Just make sure you do a lot of homework and a lot of reading and understand what you are doing before jumping in! 



What’s in your setup?

 I am currently running all Kaption: two component sets run off a new 4-channel. Two SPL 1200 subs on a new 1200.1 monoblock. Big 3-in-0 gauge with two optima yellow top batteries. 


How do you choose a subwoofer?

 Few things make me choose a subwoofer. First in quality. That has to be a big part. Then it must look clean and nice and followed up in the budget of course. 



How did you find out about Kaption Audio and what made you switch to Kaption Audio?

 I found out about Kaption from a local show I was at. My girlfriend and I were looking for a subwoofer for her car. She wanted something to look clean for her trunk. I talked to Tony at Torque Modified and he gave us a demo in his '300'. Next thing you know next season both Shannon and I are running full Kaption systems and have been for the last two years. 


What do you think makes Kaption Audio special?

 Personally I love that they are local. I love to support local companies and people who care about their products and clients. 



What are your plans for the future?


Current plans are to start my next build and finish my girlfriend's build. Which seems to be never ending.