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Discontinued product manual archive



For details on the current repairability of a discontinued product, please visit our support page. All repairs carry a 90-day warranty, should your unit fail within this time frame, please contact us at

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Discontinued Amplifiers

A Series : A150.2 & A400.4
DX AS Series : AS100.4, MX400.1 & MX100.1
D Series : D-500.1 & D-1000.1


Discontinued Sub-woofers

CL Series : CL10D2, CL10D4, CL12D2 & CL12D4
SPL Series (Ver2) : SPL1000, SPL1200 & SPL1500
SRX Series (Ver 1) : SRX10D2, SRX10D4, SRX12D2 & SRX12D4